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About Us

Dr. Jan Roberts, CEO

A note from our Acting CEO, Dr. Jan Roberts

As a woman, making a difference in this world influences all that I do. Since my early twenties, I've had a passion for two things- women's health and mental health.  I have worked diligently through my career to make a difference in this world using my intuition to guide me.  Through my career as a clinician, cannabis researcher, educator, and patient, I knew I could make a difference.

Dr. Virago is a women-owned, women-led company aimed at improving the health of women through sound scientific research, education, and values-driven products. As we move into 2020, the "Year of the Woman", it is time to reclaim our health, wellbeing, and power. 

As a result, Dr. Virago  was formed to change the way we think, discuss, and treat women's conditions. Bringing together the best minds in the business, Dr. Virago is poised to take women's health to another level. 

Stayed tuned as we announce further details over the upcoming months...... "because it's our time". 

Science-Driven, Women-Owned and Women-Led

Science-Driven, Women-Owned and Women-Led

Dr Virago is a subsidiary of Madison Square Partners Inc located in New York City. 

Madison Square Partners is a science-driven company with expertise in women's health, mental health, the endocannabinoid system and scientific research.  MSP owns and operates the International Research Center on Cannabis and Health (IRCCH), Madison Square Diagnostics, the Cannabinoid Institute, and New Hemp Times.